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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 1.4 million auditors and accountants work in the U.S. That’s why accounting is the 18th most popular profession in America. If you have prior experience as a professional tax accountant and are looking for Senior Tax Accountant jobs in the USA, we at Direct Connections Recruiting & Career Coaching have got you covered.

However, since you are reading this blog, we would assume that you are eager to explore the job responsibilities that a senior accountant needs to fulfill. In this blog, you will get your doubts cleared; all you have to do is stay tuned with us till the very end.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Senior Tax Accountant

Below, we have outlined some roles and duties; check them out at a quick glance:

Tax/Financial Analysis and Reporting


Collaborate with Other Professionals

Record Management and Documentation


Senior Tax Accountant- How to Prepare a Resume?

Now that you are familiar with the job roles, start preparing your resume already. If you need help with that, we are glad to say that we got your back. Scheme through the pointers stated below in this blog:

●       Your Contact Information

As you already know, none of the resumes make sense without your contact details, city, address, and other similar details. This information is important as it helps the recruiter get in touch with you directly. These details must be present right at the beginning of your resume.

●       A Professional Summary

As a senior accountant, your recruiter will expect top-notch expertise and technical proficiency in auditing and accounting. That’s why crafting a crisp professional summary is of utmost importance. In this section, you will be required to throw light on your knowledge of accounting principles, tax regulations, and other best practices. You can also mention your familiarity with income statements and other financial reports.

●       Your Previous Work Experience

If you have any prior work experience as an accountant, auditor, financial analyst, etc., mention them in your resume as well. It will help the hiring manager understand your profile better- the more experienced you are, the better your chances of getting hired as a senior tax accountant.

Now, speaking of the format, you need to clearly mention the job title, company name, and employment dates, along with your accomplishments and duties.

●       Your Education

Professional senior tax accountants hold a Master’s degree in various fields such as auditing, finance, mathematics, and commerce. They can also pursue an MBA to crack job positions like this. That’s why mentioning your educational background is of utmost importance. Mention the degrees you have pursued along with your University name. Other than that, if you have any certifications, make sure to mention them too.

●       Mention Your Skills

A senior tax accountant possesses a myriad of skills; it’s an ice-breaking requirement that makes it easier for you to get recruited in a senior managerial role. In this section, you must consider including your proficiency in curating error-free and accurate tax reports. State about your profound knowledge in financial analysis, dealing with corporate tax returns, and ability to perform audits.

Speaking of the much-needed soft skills, don’t forget to mention your communication skills, leadership skills, and organizational skills. These are like cherry on the cake that boosts your chances to a great extent. It helps the recruiters to understand your effectiveness in conveying feedback and ideas, leading a team and maintaining financial records.

●       Revise Your Resume Before Submitting It

Now your resume is ready; it just needs a revision to check for any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It speaks volumes about your sheer professionalism and attention to detail skills. You can ask your friends or family members to proofread the document.

Bag a Senior Tax Accountant Job- We Are Here to Help

Whether you are currently looking for Sr. tax accountant hybrid jobs or full-time opportunities, contact us and get hired in the best firms. We are a recruiting agency that strives hard to bridge the gap between companies and candidates- share your requirements and we will assist you accordingly. Apart from accounting jobs, we also connect candidates with real estate and construction, hospitality, administration, human resources, transportation, logistics, and supply chain jobs. We will take our time to assess your values, ambitions, and skills, thus placing you in a well-deserved position.

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