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Roles, Responsibilities, and Skills

Candidates opting for supply chain management positions need to use their leadership skills and look after different areas such as the export and import of products from one source to another. Apart from that, these professionals are also required to oversee the production cycle- from raw materials to finished output. With the help of various tools like Oracle and SAP, supply chain managers communicate the deets and operate the system. 

If you are looking forward to achieving a career in supply chain management, you have indeed hopped into the right place. In this blog, we will discuss the roles, responsibilities, and skills that one must possess in order to work in this profession. Keep reading for more information. 

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Supply Chain Manager? 

Let’s begin with the roles and responsibilities that a supply chain manager needs to adhere to: 

One of the most important roles involves vendor management. Here, the supply chain manager needs to deal with vendor development and participate in the process of negotiating the commercial terms and best prices. Apart from that, a supply chain manager is also responsible for handling vendor audits- which deal with process and product compliance. 

As a supply chain manager, you will have to look after inventory management along with storage optimization while warehousing. Every nitty-gritty and analytical decision needs to be taken by you. While you must always stay open to others’ suggestions and opinions, making the final call comes under your sole responsibility. 

A supply chain manager handles logistics that enables them to track the service deliveries and goods in a systematic manner. Other than that, the supply chain job involves negotiating with transporters, overseeing goods management and shipment consolidation. 

Taking care of important documentation is another crucial business practice of a supply chain manager. They are responsible for abiding by the legal requirements and using certain technology enablers like radio-frequency identification, enterprise resource planning, etc. 

The commitment of a supply chain manager isn’t restricted to the ones mentioned above- there are other tasks that they are supposed to handle. For instance, they use data analytics to keep an eye on product performance, forecast inventory demand, etc. As a professional supply chain manager, you will also have to build relationships with both partners and suppliers and spot developments and trends in various technologies and sectors. 

What Skills Should You Have to Become a Supply Chain Manager? 

Now let’s scheme through the skills so that you can hone them and grab supply chain vacancies as soon as possible: 

Decision-making skills are more or less important in every sector- as a supply chain manager, shaping this particular skill is of utmost importance. Sometimes, you might come across situations where you will be held accountable for making effective and quick decisions. This is where your decision-making skills will enable you to make the right move while keeping the words of vendors, customers, and suppliers in mind. Your one decision can either make or break the project- your prompt attention to such critical situations is a must. 

Risk management skills come in handy when these supply chain managers decide on inventory management, transportation schedules, and production goals. By evaluating the external and internal risk factors, these professionals come up with a proper plan. In order to spot the risk factors beforehand, one can choose to prepare reports, assess checklists, conduct audits, and rely on other mitigating factors. 

Time management skills enable the supply chain manager to complete an assignment before the given deadline. It also allows the professional to carry out the ordering and delivery process on time, without any delay. It is an essential skill to possess as it helps them to take care of their bulk of tasks in an organized and efficient manner. 

Closing a deal isn’t something that’s super smooth and easy- one needs to have fine negotiation skills to navigate through the process. It’s the negotiation skills that ultimately contribute to getting logistic partners and raw materials for a firm. Apart from that, this skill is also mandatory to build a good relationship and professional reputation with external and internal company stakeholders. 

Communication skills are undoubtedly one of the most important skills that every person in a leadership position must possess. As we have discussed earlier, supply chain managers need to deal with and collaborate with employees, suppliers, and vendors on a daily basis. Your communication skills can actually make or break the partnership. When you as a supply manager will be able to convey your opinion, thoughts, and suggestions effectively, it will seamlessly add to more benefits. 

Do you know that supply chain managers need to work with balance sheets as well? This is where their accounting skills can be highly beneficial. Since they need to go through certain documents like cash flow statements, tax returns, profit and loss statements, etc. their accounting skills won’t make them dependent on a designated finance person. 

Career opportunities in real estate and supply chain management jobs require adequate project management skills- which contribute to the timely completion of a particular project. Being a supply chain manager, you will have to finish a project by planning, managing, and executing it. Apart from your interpersonal and leadership skills, it’s also your efficient project management skills that matter a lot. 

The moment you are involved in purchasing and distributing resources, you will have to use your logistic skills to suffice and carry on with the task. Some of the examples of logistics skills might include prompt attention to fine details, adaptability, and accountability. 

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